Uhhfu… what a busy week, doing photographing here and there, went to KB and stay there for couple days follow up Tutong and right now I am back to my city Brunei Muara… I am so tried doing photographing and I really do miss posting, but hey I am here now…I have a chance to do my post and check out the beauty blogger.

I found that fantastic and I am in love with their MAC hauls, especially the new collection Grand Duos Mineralize Blush which launched on Thursday 12.03.09 back in US and M.A.C Sugar Sweet Collection…

Damd!! I so in love with it, but unlucky me that I can’t catch the collection… but good for me that I can review and see the swatches from beauty blogger, I LOVE ALL!! I might be order Sugar Sweet Collection with Sam…

Anyways…yesterday I went out with a friend, we went to the area that we never been before…and he was so exited too… since he never explore any small town in Brunei, I would love him to see what is down town in Brunei well I am bored in the city where in used to live, why not I try in some small town…(*we kind ehhmm lost, hehe.. but we manage thou) we really have fun…and then we saw couple block of shop… plus by that time I was hurry since I didn’t ate breakfast(*I only drank cranberry juice*sign*)…

As we walk around I saw the restaurant can Zen Zen Café really inters me from outside and we decide to have lunch there.
Just one step in…WAHH!! I really fall INLOVE… there’s a lots of old stuff from 1940’s-1980’s. there’s pictures hung around the place… I didn’t sit down yet, I was excited where I saw old picture of our city…and take some picture(*I didn’t bring my DSL…it’s in my car, I’m using My LG phone so it’s blur…plus the waiters said to me that I can’t take a picture.. well I don’t care hehe)

See what I mean, I post some picture of Zen Zen restaurant

Inside Zen Zen Cafe which were famous during 1950's in Bandar Seri Begawan,where government employer have their breakfast, lunch and dinner

here some some picture back in 50's.
location Kampung Ayer, where u can see 'Padian' selling some grocery.
'Padian' is known back in year 1900's-1980's, where ladies selling goods on the boats to the nearby village.
here u can see "konica" camera display as well as the coal hot iron

here's the picture of His Royal Highness Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah,
Her Royal Highness Raja Isteri Hajah Saleha,
The late Al-Mahrum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien,
The late Al-Mahrum Babu Raja,
with His and Her Royal HighnessPrince and Princess,
Her Royal Highness Queen Elizebeth
His Royal Highness Prince Charles
in 1970's
(Nice uhu?)

While waiting for my "Nasi Goreng Kampung"

here's "Nasi Goreng Kampung" aka "Village Fried Rice" (-.-)
really "hot" there's small chilies but LOVE IT!!

That's for now, i have to do some edting... seee yea all agai next post
(my makeup in this picture aren't so clear cz of the expose... i do contour as well smokey eyes)

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Anastacia said...

HI!!! Great pix!!

and btw, thank you for following me :)

Az said...

Thanks Anastacia takes time to read =), it's my pleasure, i found you blog intersting ;)

Ji said...

The food looks really good!
Made me hungry!XD

yoli said...

nice blog!!

Yas said...

What a cute little restaurant. That food looks sooo good babe!

Az said...

yup yas... really cozy place too...

iambeautiful20 said...

that fried rice looks really good. i love anything with eggs especially sunny side up :)

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