I am AZ one of the member with AZDY COLLECTION (you can see more my work here)would love to share with someone like you out there to get to know more about me in journey of my ability to do Photographing as well everyday life.... last say, i am addicited to ORDERING PRODUCTS.. hehe

Starting this coming year 2009 here myself really love to share what life is that go around and around.

Firstly AZ is the youngest baby girl in 7 siblings, 3 brothers and 3 sisters, I’m the fifth. I like to what I love to do, photographing. I photograph since I was like 10-11. It's just a basic camera; which I got them from my allowance, and it’s about $250(1992). I went crazy when I got the camera... I bring them along with me every where. Since that and now I still doing photographing and I can't live without my cameras.

other then photographing, Az like to you there to see more about my ADDICTED...

And here I would love to share the "JOURNEY TO BEYOND" my experience in Photographing as well as LATEST PRODUCTS whole out the year of 2009 and beyond...
And to all out there ENJOY!!!! (",) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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