So what i have done today

at the morning when to work, doing update on PELITA ONLINE(yea i am the webmaster @ gov web) took just couple hour to finished them up. I am so bored and end up browsing... surfing...*sign* lame..... but fun thou.. lunch, high tea and when HOME... YUPIIiii.

Suddenly my sis SMS

SIS : 'Lai, mana ko? jadi makeup kn ah?' (EV : "where were u now, are u going to do makeup for me or not?)
ME : 'Ah!~ lupa ku, hehehe, bah datang in few minutes' (EV: Ah!~ i forgot, hehe, i be there in a flash)

how come i forgot... 0_o

so when to my sis house, see she all dress up and waiting for me to finish her up.
Here the picture before and after, the picture are blur and i didn't set up the flash since she really in a hurry, but any how you do see the different thou.. yea? (-_-)... She want to do more natural but abit smoke... here the picture aren't so clear ...
This picture where taken at her function, you can see the smokey eyes (*_')
i when back home and relax.....
seems i can't relax mine mind, so i end up doing something. Yesterday i brought this tube bottle which cost me 20cent each, brought them at A-Fontane, Kampung Serusop, Branch. And so i thinking to organize my beading space, well since lately i saw busy doing beading for my cutomer{ ALHAMDULLILAH (",)} i can't manage to organize my space. Lets see what i have done!!

really messy :

30 pieces tube bottle :

making code label for every each bottle :

WAH! neat and in color, i am doing such a great job, but 1000 *uhu*! more to change them to bottle tube :

i think this all for now, see you at the next post



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